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The environmental crisis, particularly for water, is coming to China earlier than expected.

Pan Yue

We've been approved to explore the joint use of the runways and to conduct an environmental assessment.

Geno Redmon

And as we look at environmental problems around the world virtually all of them have to do with energy considerations.

Dennis Hayes

Environmental issue in the two countries is sensitive enough. Therefore, we should not ignore the issue in our business activities with them.

Mari Pangestu

We're going to comply with all the environmental regulations necessary as development of that area proceeds.

Darrell Smith

There is no environmental threat.

Gus Melonas

There will be times when we disagree with those environmental organizations, and this is one of those times.

Joe Ramallo

It didn't have any of the actively anti-environmental provisions of this [CAFTA] agreement.

Lori Wallach

Clearly, there's going to have to be an environmental assessment of a lot of different areas of the city before people can go back in and live.

John Pardue

It's been an ongoing environmental nightmare.

Terry Sweeney

It's a house that blends cutting-edge design with environmental sensibility. The house has got a lot of 'wow.

Alex Hannigan

Clients don't come to us because we have an environmental policy.

Lucas Van Praag

Exxon is the most anti-environmental company in the world.

Gene Karpinski

It will be a national environmental facility. There's nothing like it in our country.

David Oman

It's not sanitary environmental policy.

Matt Nozzolio

I think if you look at every environmental problem, there needs to be change.

Peter O'brien

Shareholders are pressuring everyone to disclose what they are doing in the environmental arena.

Michael Johnston

This is not an impact study. This is a baseline environmental study that has 17 components that have to be addressed to satisfy the law.

Sen. Colleen Hanabusa

We'll see what the (environmental impact statement) turns up.

Jim Arthaud

I don't think there are too many environmental concerns.

Colin Hanna

All the countries around the Baltic Sea should be involved, as the project entails big environmental hazards.

Arnold Ruutel

Many of the Florida environmental groups have come to see us, and they wanted this approach.

Jerry Ray

I think they should bring the Environmental Protection Agency in on it, and really should get something done about it.

Rita Faughn

The economics work, and they work well, and we're excited about it. The environmental impacts are very positive.

Jerry Patterson

It is too early in the process to consider it now. There is an environmental process that is ongoing. I am not going to discuss it right now, but it is ongoing.

Randy Levine

It all comes down to good communication. Environmental Management and the industry have worked out some good compromises.

Kate King

The consumer products that are out there are safe for consumer use. We believe this is an environmental issue, not a consumer safety issue.

David Boothe

It concentrates much more on the sociological aspects connected to environmental changes.

Andrew Clarke

This is a growing environmental problem.

Nicholas Johnson

It's a chance to connect students with different environmental groups across Kentucky.

Tiffany Thompson

DuPont is committed to safety, health and environmental stewardship.

David Mcmellon

The key thing is the integrated approach. Designing for the environment becomes part of the company's standards. This is not something for an environmental department.

Timo Jaatinen

The environmental community has spent a lot of time being right, but not winning.

Dan Sherman

The effect would be that (the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality) could no longer assume discharge water of a certain quality is being put to beneficial use.

Kate Fox

They clearly are an environmental leader when you put them in context with the rest of the market as we know it now.

Ron Cogan

We simply ask for the environmental review to be legally sufficient.

Steve Herum

Environmental issues are politically neutral and easy to deal with.

Chung Kim

If you did that, you undermine basic environmental protections.

Bill Wolfe

From an environmental perspective, the energy used to get things here has a big impact.

Marc Alderman

The Environmental Protection Agency is coming down on them.

Jeff Walker

We are trying to contain the environmental damage.

Jeff Prescott

We've also met with the Conservation Commission and had a number of discussions about environmental issues.

Dick Williamson

The primary environmental concern is that it does give off toxic gas in a combustion situation.

Paul Ross

Any sort of environmental impact that does come up, we need to take seriously and address.

Tom Gray

We want to offer consumers the best environmental choice.

Mike Sutton

The comments are supposed to be limited to environmental matters only.

Rick Huff

We would like to take cars out of the environmental debate.

Harry Pearce

Dairies are not bad for the environment. Dairies can control the problems and the complaints. We cannot control the environmental onslaught.

Vander Dussen

Any number of environmental problems could come from this, as big as it is, ... You don't know until you're in the middle of it.

George Graham

Then we basically wreck it and then we put it back together, ... And we have a nice environmental message in the thing.

Pauly Shore

There is a cost savings associated with it and an environmental savings because it reduces the waste that single-use devices creates.

Shelley Miller

The story is set in a futuristic Los Angeles as it teeters on the brink of social, economic and environmental disaster.

Richard Kelly

He might well win his case. It is something of a bellwether (for environmental cases).

Nina Totenberg

We dealt with so many environmental issues. I was enamored by the whole concept of environmental issues.

Robert Martinez

They're empty forest products cars, there were no injuries, there are no dangerous commodities involved, and no environmental effect.

Jim Feeney

We feel that the owner has challenged us to avoid environmental impacts where we can.

Daniel Stone

It depends on the location, environmental issues and traffic concerns.

Jeff Rawls

PPL has made some very big environmental initiatives, It would be a big mistake for PPL to think they've done enough.

John Hanger

There are many different environmental issues involved and there can be interactions between them.

Janos Bogardi

If you live near a crematorium, you should not see any smoke emissions. If you see any emissions, you should call the Department of Environmental Protection.

Helen Humphreys

There are actual, real economic, environmental and social benefits.

John Melvin

Good governance emerges as a critical driver of environmental performance.

Daniel Esty

This is more of the same ? yet another attempt by some states and environmental groups to change U.S. climate policy through litigation.

Dan Riedinger

Blair has no environmental credentials as far as I'm concerned.

Thom Yorke

It's a way for the public to interact with what can be a faceless, bureaucratic organization (environmental agencies).

Terry Wildy

One of the most important things right now in environmental studies is the decline of amphibians.

Catesby Jones

They can find someone to speak. In our case, it's the environmental groups.

John Sell

If it needs to be amended to strengthen the implementation of the environmental issues then it will have to be amended.

Romulo Neri

Franklin Roosevelt was very concerned about environmental issues.

Gaylord Nelson

The health and environmental effects ... have been relatively and surprisingly minor.

Kalman Mizsei

Energy dependence is America's economic, environmental and security Achilles' heel.

Nathanael Greene

To be successful ... it's not just one environmental advocate in your city. It has to be a different way to thinking in your city.

Mayor Susan Kluttz

When we did that environmental assessment, there was no train traffic and that has changed.

Dave James

Environmental bacteria and viruses are so prolific they're on everything.

Douglas Garrett

First of all, it's the gas mileage. The environmental (impact) is a side benefit.

Wayne Wilson

There are other factors, as well, such as wetlands and other environmental constraints.

Helene Mcquade

The construction of a new nuclear plant in Ontario would be the environmental battle of the millennium.

David Martin

In general, our work is for energy and environmental applications.

Junhang Dong

Not only populated with businesses, but well protected wetlands and the environmental aspect of it too.

James Rose

These single-celled organisms are extremely sensitive to environmental changes.

Gerta Keller

This has turned out to be the disease that has been the most difficult for geneticists to crack, probably because of the large environmental contribution.

Kari Stefansson

It would add $3,000 to the cost of the typical vehicle with no identifiable health or environmental benefits.

Eron Shosteck

The impact of environmental regulations is blind to company size.

Eric Larkin

If approved by the legislature, this budget will set in stone Governor Bush's environmental legacy.

Eric Draper

She has been an integral part of the most anti-environmental administration we've ever seen.

Elise Jones

It's the nightmare scenario that environmental activists around the world have been hoping would be avoided.

Elizabeth May

We call on environmental protection authorities to tighten procedures and check vessels more regularly.

Edwin Lau

What we are aiming for is achieving coordinated economic social development and environmental protection while putting emphasis on environmental protection.

Zhou Shengxian