There are no perfect fisheries that I know of­ — we want to certify the good fisheries and make them better, so others will aspire to emulate them.

The most courageous person in all of this is my wife, Karen. She has not had a day off or any time to herself since this happened.

Volunteers are the backbone of Special Olympics. There are a variety of ways you can help out.

This program was developed by the police in Ireland.

We're going to add some counterweight and start over. We just cut our margins too close.

We want to offer consumers the best environmental choice.

And they have their backs against the wall. They may be on the verge of extinction.

I'm definitely a glass half-full guy. I'm an extremely fortunate individual. I've got a tremendous wife (Karen), a great family and so many wonderful friends.

They have a nice art program, and that figured into it. They told us the team needs defensive backs, especially safeties, next year and he has a chance to play right away.