She was our leader on the field. She kept everybody organized and going in the right direction. It's going to be impossible to replace her.

She was a consistent player for us. She doesn't always receive the glory from the media, but she always came through with goals.

Bess made a great play. She got inside her defender and had a good finish. It takes a lot for a freshman to play. She really stepped it up.

My heart still wants to stay here. So it's tough.

There is a cost savings associated with it and an environmental savings because it reduces the waste that single-use devices creates.

They were nervous in the first half. They were scared. It's hard to come out knowing you're supposed to win, and you're not sure of your opponent.

From midfield, you can dominate the game. I wanted to have her involved in the offense.

The device has to demonstrate and document to be safe for patient care and be equal to the original device specifications, and sterility must be proven. If there's any question, we don't use them.