We have schools teaching yoga, rock-climbing, martial arts, fly-fishing, ... If a kid is in a program that hasn't changed from when the parents were in school, it's just not OK.

We feel it's going to be one of the most attractive office buildings in the Heights.

The goalkeeper is the jewel in the crown and getting at him should be almost impossible. It's the biggest sin in football to make him do any work.

Any number of environmental problems could come from this, as big as it is, ... You don't know until you're in the middle of it.

It's a great way to start off our year, adding more jobs for our residents and seeing our county grow.

Some of those categories are hard to fill.

Athletics are great. But physical education is for every youngster -- to help them learn about themselves, learn about their bodies, learn ways to become physically active but not necessarily to compete.

If you tell kids to exercise, they don't see it as fun. They see video games as fun. The idea is to use an activity kids find enjoyable to motivate them to exercise.