Nathanael Greene
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"Nathanael Greene" was a major general of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War, known for his successful command in the Southern theater of the American Revolutionary War/Southern Campaign, forcing British general Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis/Charles Cornwallis to abandon the Carolinas and head for Virginia. When the war began, Greene was a Militia (United States)/militia private (rank)/private, the lowest rank possible; he emerged from the war with a reputation as George Washington's most gifted and dependable officer. Many places in the United States are List of places named for Nathanael Greene/named for him. Greene suffered financial difficulties in the post-war years and died suddenly of sunstroke in 1786.

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America must raise an empire of permanent duration, supported upon the grand pillars of Truth, Freedom, and Religion, encouraged by the smiles of Justice and defended by her own patriotic sons.

The process is like making grain alcohol or brewing beer, but on a much bigger scale. The technologies are out there to do this, but we need to convince the public this is real and not just a science project.

We were amazed to hear him voice this commitment. He framed it exactly as we would have.

Energy dependence is America's economic, environmental and security Achilles' heel.

This is sort of backdoor politics at its worst, for the worst possible reasons.