Tom Gray
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"Tom Gray" is a bluegrass musician widely considered one of the best upright bass/bass players in the genre. He is probably best known for his upright bass/bass playing with The Country Gentlemen and The Seldom Scene. In 1996, as a member of The Country Gentlemen, he was inducted into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor.

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[The Bill Monroe Foundation, also known as the Rosine Project,] has no authority to use the name, image or likeness of Bill Monroe, ... The defendant may proceed with its Bluegrass Festival and with Bluegrass in Schools without using the name of Bill Monroe.

At a time when the utility industry is undergoing unprecedented change and companies are searching for ways to differentiate their products and build customer loyalty, green power is looking more and more like an obvious winner.

The growth, tears, smiles, confusion, the celebration, it's the whole package.

I wonder if it is in the best interest of the taxpayers to sell the annex.

Any sort of environmental impact that does come up, we need to take seriously and address.

Government doesn't need to own any more property than it absolutely needs to do business.

The record-breaking purchase of wind power by Whole Foods shows how easy it is to support the development of a clean, safe, domestic, renewable source of electricity like wind with the simple power of the pocketbook.

The wind resource in the United States is comparable to the oil resource in Saudi Arabia. It's a major strategic national resource we should be making every effort to develop.