These communities are not going to be able to keep some of these shelters open forever. We carry our own bureaucracy, and everything that comes with it, but we know how to run these.

Invista employees from around the world offer their thoughts and prayers as the affected communities and citizens work to rebuild their lives and move forward.

One focus for economic development is the local unemployed and underemployed.

The Environmental Protection Agency is coming down on them.

He goes off and everyone's just laughing. He makes people feel better. It was this 90-year-old's birthday and he got her a cupcake and wished her happy birthday over the loudspeaker.

I'd feel better if I had time to read the language.

It makes you tear up a bit just to see that the kids can do something for you. There's one resident who knew that I did not have breakfast, lunch or dinner yesterday. At 10 at night, she was shoving crackers in my pocket telling me to keep my strength up as we were walking through here. I made her take them back, but they try and give back as well too.

We've become the hub of campus. This place is buzzing.

We've had more demand for the iMac than we have seen for any computer in (our) history, ... It's just phenomenal.