The consumer products that are out there are safe for consumer use. We believe this is an environmental issue, not a consumer safety issue.

The EPA is working with the industry to find out what the sources of exposure are.

The chemical does have an effect on animals that are fed high doses of it. But animals respond differently to PFOA than people, and there is no evidence that there are any health effects in people.

The important thing to note is that no human health effects are known from exposure to PFOA.

We believe a lot of science has come out since they began the report that really informs the decision and really should be looked at for a final judgement.

The peer-reviewed science also shows that human beings do not react in the same way as rats or other animals to exposure to PFOA.

We've looked for over 30 years and we've not been able to find an adequate replacement.

We've been looking for 30 years, and we have not found an acceptable substitute for PFOA.