It's almost like a game, with various people playing king of the hill. These groups are structured very hierarchically, and each of them have certain reputations they like to maintain. It's very similar to inner-city gang members, minus the violence.

We're going to comply with all the environmental regulations necessary as development of that area proceeds.

People may lie to you over the phone, but they may not lie to you looking at you face to face.

My engineer will be up there Tuesday.

No disrespect or anything, but it's like y'all aren't doing your jobs. It's like y'all don't have respect for the black community.

After the groundhog, they predicted a more mild winter. The storm took me by surprise.

I'll start looking at things a little more differently. I won't make as many excuses as I used to. I'll start challenging my friends to do better and actually talking to the [school] administrators more.

Problems and delays in the implementation of Hansen 8 have become a significant concern in the city administration as well as City Council.

(Watts) seems to be supportive of them trying to get their act together. Whether or not he can turn it around in time to meet our expectations has yet to be determined.