It's in St. Joe's interest to protect the environmentally special places of the Emerald Coast. It is a great responsibility, and we take it very seriously.

He looked 100 percent better.

Many of the Florida environmental groups have come to see us, and they wanted this approach.

He (James Earl Ray) said he wouldn't confess to anything he didn't do.

Basically, we are pushing toward diversifying our product lines.

This is a chance to prove him innocent and clear his name.

That may not be the best place for a school. It's certainly a possibility though.

The most he can live, the most, even if he has an operation, the doctor told me, would be a year.

I talked to Reverend James Lawson, that was a close ally to Martin Luther King ... and they all told me it was a bit selfish of me to not want him hooked up.