Harry Pearce
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"Sir Henry James "Harry" Pearce", Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire/KBE is the fictional head of the Counter-Terrorism department ("Section D") of MI5, featured in the British television series, Spooks. Pearce has been played by Peter Firth since the series began in 2002.

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Hybrid propulsion is just one of the technologies that we can introduce to meet the performance expectations of our customers, yet protect this planet that we all count on to sustain us.

We worked in good faith to resolve this issue with Motorola and we are very pleased with the successful outcome.

At a moment of great challenge and enormous need in the history of this company, the Board turned to one of its own, whose long career embodied the highest levels of trust, integrity and distinguished leadership, ... We needed an experienced, steady hand and Bill delivered. On behalf of our Board, our employees, investors, partners and customers, we will be forever grateful.

We have absolutely not delivered on our commitment with respect to (U.S.) market share.

Bill is an emotional guy.

Quite frankly, but for Bill Owens' efforts in this regard, I'm not sure we'd be sitting here today.

We would like to take cars out of the environmental debate.

Due to rapid consolidation in the media and telecommunications industries, GM is now considering alternative strategic transactions involving Hughes and other participants in those industries, ... Any such transaction might involve the separation of Hughes from General Motors.