Debate is the death of conversation.

Kitty O'neill Collins

When the debate is over, slander becomes the tool of the loser.


Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.

Hubert H. Humphrey

This debate became a source of tremendous embarrassment for South Carolina.

Jack White

Will be disadvantaged in the debate.

Mary Matalin

The rate debate seems more alive than ever, so all the U.K. data will be important.

Neil Parker

It's not a debate about our project.

Scott Welsh

There is a debate among peace activists if impeachment is the thing to do.

David Swanson

As a result of the complaint it was taken out of the exhibition with the proviso that there would be a debate about the boundaries of art.

Ruth Gilgen

There's no other campus activity that can compare to the success of UMKC debate.

Linda Collier

Do not debate! is one of my inventions.

Deng Xiaoping

There's some debate about whether we're at the point where inflation starts to kick in.

Derek Holt

He's afraid of the debate. He doesn't have a proposal and he's afraid.

Roberto Madrazo

I don't think anyone should claim God as being on their side in this debate.

Debra Bowen

The real debate is how low can prices go.

Jeff Leiper

Whether that barrier happens in 2016, or 2020, or 2024 is under debate.

Bernie Meyerson

Because (Beebe) is perceived as a front runner now, he probably would have more to lose agreeing to a debate.

Bill Vickery

We have made clear all along that this bill is for discussion and debate.

Geoff Hoon

I'm a pro-process candidate. I'm a pro-coherent debate candidate. I'm a pro-transparency candidate.

Mayor Michael Hassig

I don't really want to get into the debate, but I'd want my own manager to win.

Neil Lennon

There will be a vigorous debate on this. Nothing is settled.

Don Stewart

That can be a springboard to bring (the health care debate) to the national level.

Betty Johnson

He wants to talk about records, we'll be happy to have that debate.

Roger Salazar

I will debate Don anyplace, anytime between now and the election.

David Kramer

He'll debate us when they see us breathing down their necks.

Dick Leggitt

With a study like this coming from someone like Topol, the debate becomes more apparent to physicians and consumers.

Richard L. Evans

It's obvious that the debate helped Kerry. What's less obvious is how.

Keating Holland

It almost makes the class more interesting to debate about politics. But you have to be careful what you say.

Marilyn Harris

We have decided to call for a debate in Parliament.

Prakash Karat

I'm really disappointed we're getting so much negative debate on this.

Clay Shaw

We've said all along that as soon as we figure out who's qualified, we'll debate those folks.

Larry Smar

To outsiders he is a complete unknown. Will he have the skills to out-debate Blair?

Anthony King

I think that transparency is key to this debate.

Jennifer Holder

This will certainly heat up the debate at the central bank.

Anthony Chan

You'll hear debate as to whether this is a good or bad idea.

Ty Votaw

We are going to defeat you in the budget process and debate process until you cry uncle.

Mark Souder

The Miller case was in the headlines and there was a lot of debate upon the chilling effect that that case had on newsgathering abilities.

Ann Dufresne

I love argument, I love debate. I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that's not their job.

Margaret Thatcher

I was part of the debate and public speaking (team).

Dawn Currier

I don't think there's any debate this is a critical issue to all of the Great Lakes. The debate is what to do about it and how.

David Reid

The fact you won't debate becomes a story in itself.

Bob Loevy

You won't see a Southern California-has-got-to-have-it debate.

Jeffrey Kightlinger

The beauty is, he's laid issues on the table. Now we can have some good debate.

Doug Hattaway

I thought it was a good, informative, positive debate.

Bill Daley

It's going to be a subject of a lot of debate.

Steve Pilcher

He will influence the debate, but he has no chance of winning.

Craig Oliver

This was a matter of curtailing academic freedom, free association and open debate.

Kate Bronfenbrenner

If they can get into a debate with the major party candidates, then they've got an opportunity.

Larry Jacobs

Let's have a good, robust debate on the issues.

Ned Lamont

I was repeating words. I am not going to get into that debate.

Jean Schmidt

We are entitled to a great national debate, ... and we shouldn't shy away from it.

Manuel Miranda

Vigilante groups are bit players in the current immigration debate.

Wayne Cornelius

We decided to take ourselves out of the debate.

Robert Morse

This is a unilateral vote without sufficient debate and discussions, and we can never approve of this.

Yukio Hatoyama

We debated about the new school for 10 years, and now it seems we?re going to debate about the old school for another 10 years.

John Page

This has a big implication for the national debate.

Marc Rotenberg

I heard far more definitive answers than I heard from the previous debate between our presidential candidates.

Paul Jacobs

OK, let's have a real debate.

Jimmy Smits

It will not be a debate session.

Mike Reid

There is no consensus at all about what the budget debate is supposed to accomplish.

Stan Collender

We're now at a critical point in this debate, ... and the balance could really go either way.

David Sobel

We will have a very tough debate in the second half of 2002.

Hans Eichel

We want a debate and a campaign about the issues.

Tad Devine

If we hadn't carried out this action ... there would be no debate.

Jose Bove

God help anybody who has to debate with Byrd.

Jennifer Duffy

Evelyn Davis has been an invaluable contributor to the debate over corporate governance.

Peter Rose

We do more research for debate team than for class. I do probably three times more research for debate than class.

Dan Mistich

The whole debate about whether deflation is a risk has come full circle.

Michelle Laughlin

There's a lot of emotion around this debate because the immigrant system is broken.

Christine Jones

The debate on interest-rate cuts is still a live one.

Simon Rubinsohn

The challenge is not to debate whether the right exists or not but how to get full effect of the right.

Phil Fontaine

We have two new black members. And it's stirred up debate, which is a positive thing.

Dominic Burlark

We also welcome the debate over conservative values.

Frank Pavone

We would like to take cars out of the environmental debate.

Harry Pearce

There is a real connection. There is absolutely no debate.

Peter Wood

We disagreed more than we agreed on the issues, ... But it was always a collegial, colorful and forceful debate.

Virg Bernero

The governor is eager for the real debate in this campaign to begin.

Doug Scofield

I'm hoping this will not be the last debate.

Bob Tigro

We are Americans, We have the right to participate and debate any administration.

Hilary Clinton

It has shifted to the mainstream political debate. It's disturbing.

Jennifer Allen

These candidates . . . have had a debate every night, it seems. If people don't know who their candidates are, then shame on them.

Bob Noonan

The debate on Long Island has always been emotional.

Pascual Blanco

We hope to just ignite debate on the issue.

Alex Nicholson

The right to debate is the right of the citizens. In this he prefers to turn his back on you.

Felipe Calderon

Where are the voices of the creative community in this debate? Out here on the street.

Patric M. Verrone

To have the first televised gubernatorial debate here continues a trend to put us on the map.

Mike Skarr

A raging debate is going on now in the United States.

Larry L. King

There?s a huge debate within the industry and The Smoking Gun is now attached to it.

Henry Schleiff

This is a one-sided debate, with no opposition voice allowed. It's an absolute.

Nigel Farage

The debate was pretty lively with Lawrence Taylor.

Paul Zimmerman

It seems there was a fairly robust debate about the pros and cons of moving or not.

Brian Morris

It gives the debate a megaphone, it gives the march a megaphone.

Paul Lopez

If you want to explore debate, wonderful. If you want to explore music, wonderful.

Sue Thilo

There could be quite a lively debate.

Julian Callow

He could debate an issue more articulately than anyone I've seen in my 22 years in the Senate.

Marc Basnight

We are not going to get ourselves pushed into a debate about the leadership.

Christian Wulff

It is a time to gather information. It is not the time to debate anything.

Laura Bullock

If the debate focuses on that, I'm not sure you do anything.

Sen. Jd Alexander

This all goes back to the responsible disclosure debate.

Thor Larholm

We need to conduct a public debate on this issue.

Jakaya Kikwete

More than anybody in town, I would like to move on from the Blue Back debate.

Mayor Scott Slifka

We need a big debate on whether it is responsible to end nuclear power - I am convinced it is not.

Christian Wulff

I think we were very successful in raising the debate. I don't think we were successful in resolving it.

Rep. Dennis Baxley

But when it comes to Chicago pizza -- it's a constant debate.

Christina Moore

The conference itself is not a place of debate, ... They don't engage across the conference table.

Edward Lazarus

There should be a televised debate between the two of us. What do you say, Rick?

E. Helm

This was premature and immature given the velocity of the debate.

Eric Ueland

To be honest, I think the debate is not going to change anybody's mind.

Elaine Boissevain