Robert Morse
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"Robert Alan Morse" is an American actor and singer best known as the star of both the 1961 original Broadway production and 1967 movie version of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and as Bertram Cooper, from 2007 to 2014, in the AMC (TV channel)/AMC dramatic series Mad Men.

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See how easy it is?, ... They just wait and prey.

There should be car tracks here, but there's not one, ... I'm sure [the state police] are vigilant in the area, but do they have someone to commit down here every hour?

We decided to take ourselves out of the debate.

There was a long time when we groped around and weren't sure what we were doing in this field. But it should be an exciting field in the next decade.

They're encouraging people to come in.

You're shut out. How would someone get in and help you?, ... It's all gated in. Once you get in deep here, I think it's too dangerous.

This isn't being published for the academic community, albeit the academic community is keenly interested in it. From a student and parents' perspective, to know the relative peer standings of a school is important.

They've raised an important complex question, but that's a sophisticated thing to try to answer.

People have to question the narrow scope of indicators. In many cases, these are public institutions and are accepting public funds, and they claim that they are educating students for the betterment of society. The indicators that they are using certainly aren't enough to conclude their premise that the top five schools are doing the best at that.