He didn't benefit from his own body language.

The support for Gore comes much more quickly and much more easily once voters get a sense of who he is. Until they understand something about his motivation and his biography and his background, it is difficult for voters to get a handle on him outside of the image of a vice president.

We want a debate and a campaign about the issues.

I think three weeks of doing this intensely is the right amount of time. This is the final building block in the process . . . the most powerful one.

The persuadable voters are heavily inclined against the president, ... They're looking for someone to take this nation in a new direction....And I think Iraq is a perfect example: $200 billion being spent today in Iraq on -- over there when we need it over here to deal with the problems that we face here at home.

John Kerry has a 35-year consistent record of fighting for people. ... And we welcome the debate.

If anything, after last night's performance, our horizon may broaden. We think we have a very large playing field in terms of electoral votes. We might get a little more aggressive in terms of paid media and where the candidates go.

The way we're going to deal with those attacks is by taking them head on, ... This Week.

John Kerry has made it clear: To win the war on terror, we need to be tough, but we also need to be smart. And that's the difference.