There will be a vigorous debate on this. Nothing is settled.

We should have the hearings wrapped up in time to get a vote out of the full Senate in time for the (court's) October term.

[The marine park was established in 1979.] Many have marine parks, ... But Bonaire was the first island-wide marine park. When tourists came diving, they brought spear guns. We stopped allowing that. You either progress or regress -- there is no other way.

It's the dog that didn't bark. I'm still waiting for the Democrats to come out and start mischaracterizing her.

I [am] just hoping that over the next number of days that all the people within the community will … look at this in a very positive light.

He ( Cornyn) understands that she's required to submit the information that the committee needs to make its decision.

We've received the information from Southwest Airlines and will provide it to the senator as part of his efforts to hear from all sides on this important issue.

As always, we're happy to hear from constituents.

This is an unprecedented event, no state has ever taken in a quarter of a million people virtually over night, including school children, ... So we need to look at different ways of doing things so that Texas isn´t left with the costs of their good deed.