Something like this shouts your brand. You can?t put a dollar figure on your brand.

This is show business. You can't lose sight of that.

It's always easier if you have the benefit of being in a family of networks, ... Size is helpful.

The thought is, quite simply, to capitalize on our brand and use our talent in pre-packaged pieces and in separate stand-ups with local reporters.

When people see and hear testimony with their own eyes and ears, we have a better opportunity to understand how a verdict can be reached.

There?s a huge debate within the industry and The Smoking Gun is now attached to it.

We're trying to reach a younger audience -- a little more hip, a little livelier audience sometimes, ... And I think a show like that will help do it -- especially with this kind of host and attitude.

We paid retail, which is killing me.

This is now much bigger than the specifics they uncovered.