Things are heating up again.

It's not easy to set up a policy. There's too many variables. Each project brings different things to the table. ... Most cities now are struggling with what to do with incentives for retail.

We debated about the new school for 10 years, and now it seems we?re going to debate about the old school for another 10 years.

It's report card time. We want to look back at what we're doing before we get too far into it.

It is recognized towers are needed in virtually every community. But there is also a notion to make them as acceptable or attractive as possible.

The explorer program builds relationships with at-risk youth, ... If you have an explorer program and you can take one child, and keep that child out of a gang and keep him out of jail, to me, you have reached your goal for that year, if you help and save just one child.

We've already done our investigation and presented it to the grand jury.

Just about everybody who comes through the door asks what kind of incentive programs are available.

I am in fear that these assaults have risen to the level where one of us is going to be seriously injured or even killed. Please do something before it's too late.