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When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is any thing you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.

Edgar Watson Howe

Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.

Philip K. Dick

We selected a course of action that we thought was appropriate and enforceable.

Glenn Geffner

We are looking into the matter. We will take appropriate action.

Barbara Helfferich

You always have to run the numbers to see which would be appropriate.

Laurence Foster

They've chosen the appropriate time to discuss it is now.

Peter Hayes

It's a little gem of a building, and we're going to have a use for it that's appropriate.

Alan Suna

Sometimes ignoring is the appropriate response.

George Meyer

It just didn't seem appropriate at this time.

Annie Fort

It's really appropriate for our acting level and allows us to have a lot of fun on stage, too.

Nell Collins

To apply the Western standard of recession is not appropriate in Japan.

Yasushi Okada

Very pleased to see this matter come to an appropriate conclusion.

Nicholas Graham

That provides a very appropriate source to pay for this.

Andy Kopplin

As he deems appropriate.

Thomas Fargo

We have disciplinary authority and will use it when appropriate.

William Webster

The agencies will do what's appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

Alex Swann

No law is quite appropriate for all.

Titus Livy

We didn't require them to do it, but we agreed with them that it seemed appropriate.

Bob Masuda

I think to be prudent, less than $1 billion is more appropriate.

Cliff Stearns

We have to get everybody on the same page. Everybody had their own definition of what is appropriate and inappropriate.

Nick Miller

We wanted to respect him and that is why we are providing the appropriate honors.

James Perkins

We pulled the kids in and took the appropriate action.

Pat Walsh

We're still investigating to see what's the most appropriate action.

Lucille Baur

But we do have some here, so it is an appropriate name in this area as well.

Dale Carson

People were really divided about whether it was appropriate.

Jenny Thompson

I really believe it's appropriate and important for us to do this.

Rep. Wayne Harper

I thought this event was appropriate for Valentine's Day.

Katie Gates

Criminal prosecution is not appropriate.

John Hagerty

Was appropriate, but there are still questions that remain.

Terry Holt

It's very fast to put news up there. We didn't want to make a multimedia spectacle out of it; that wouldn't be appropriate.

Andy Guenthard

We felt like it was the appropriate approach for that campaign.

Rodney Knox

And that's the world in a nutshell, an appropriate receptacle.

Stan Dunn

It's an appropriate result for both parties.

Juergen Peters

It may be appropriate to be coming home to Anaheim for the meeting.

Janna Sampson

To be clear, RIM doesn't believe an injunction is appropriate.

Mark Guibert

The appropriate actions were taken. Some allegations are still under investigation.

Jay Hood

No athlete should be deprived of appropriate medication at any time.

Peter Fricker

I think that's probably appropriate, that they have concerns.

Frank Fish

There will be fiscal issues that are appropriate to discuss.

Jim Nussle

She didn't concede, and I think that was probably appropriate.

Van Coleman

A hero holds purposes appropriate to man and is, therefore, a thinker.

Andrew Bernstein

We wrapped 467 age-appropriate paperback books for the kids.

Jeana Studer

We believe this is fair and appropriate compensation for our board.

Katherine Potter

It couldn't have happened on a more appropriate day, given that she's been so much involved all along.

David C. Mccullough

Amount of data is appropriate.

Michael Klein

I think that's an appropriate place for it. It will get a lot of exposure there.

Jack Walsh

We will make sure we will reestablish appropriate financial controls.

Colleen Kennedy

We will disclose an 'appropriate action has been taken' statement.

Janice Avila

Few men of action have been able to make a graceful exit at the appropriate time.

Malcolm Muggeridge

The software that resulted is fully appropriate.

John Gilmore

As a responsible government contractor we will work with the appropriate government agency.

Wendy Hall

That would not be an appropriate interpretation of the letter.

Amy Maier

They are all receiving close monitoring and appropriate treatment.

Dr Ganesh Suntharalingam

There is an argument that it would be appropriate now. But I doubt that will happen.

Scott Moss

Learn to say "I don't know." If used when appropriate, it will be often.

Donald H. Rumsfeld

Both necessary and appropriate in the circumstances.

Tom Sneddon

There are so many segments that are appropriate today.

Lee Mendelson

We believe it is fair and appropriate.

Kathleen Walsh

I don't think that really is appropriate for us as county commissioners.

Commissioner Darryl Steele

We make sure the advertising is appropriate for the context of the games.

Chris Gilbert

We are bringing this prosecution at this time because it is the appropriate thing to do.

Alberto R. Gonzales

I agree, that since this has come up, it would have been appropriate to include more disclosure.

Charlie Higley

We do not feel it's appropriate to make specific comments about that in the media.

Abe Naparstek

I don't think that would be all that appropriate. But, my heart will be there with them.

Carla Kelly

She has the green light to go forward where she feels it's appropriate.

Pete Hald

This is someone who sees an appropriate role for the courts and an appropriate role for the legislature.

Jim Dyke

About a week would be more appropriate.

Howard Varinsky

Might not be an appropriate place for him to stay.

Thomas Reid

You don't have to be a blood relative but you do have to be an appropriate blood-type match.

Dr. Stuart Geffner

The government has come to the conclusion that that is the appropriate amount that he should receive.

John Mccallum

It's not a matter of which is the appropriate definition to be applied, ... but what it (i.e. the action) was.

Adrian Anderson

Now is the appropriate time for this legislation.

Leslee Unruh

This is a fantastic bridge between aeronautics and space. That's very appropriate for us.

Lesa Roe

We think it's authentic, appropriate and definitely on point.

Rodney Knox

We don't give (kids) a gun without training them. We don't give them a car without training them. Why would we give them a computer without the appropriate training?

Paul George

It is not appropriate to say: 'We are doing this our own way'.

Louise Arbour

We don't think it is appropriate to do that.

Jerry Dubrowski

The sentence was appropriate.

Joe Coble

We are concerned. We are taking the appropriate measures, but we are not panicking.

Angelo Reyes

He was unapologetic of the handling of the information and insisted it was appropriate.

Brit Hume

I do not believe it's appropriate for me ... to discriminate against people.

Gavin Newsom

We will always take appropriate steps against an excessively strong yen.

Haruhiko Kuroda

His issue is one of content that is not appropriate.

Allison Barber

It was an unofficial playground, not permitted and not appropriate.

Joe O'keefe

It's a dispensation. It's meant to be observed in an appropriate way.

Kathleen Hohl

Our procedures are looser than they can be, ... and maybe it's appropriate to review it.

Steve Moore

It's a very appropriate admission that she's in the entertainment business and a global entity.

David Carter

They're there to observe and to report back on what was said and that's it. That's the appropriate way to act.

Steve Sigmund

Fee-based accounts can be appropriate for a wide range of customers.

Mary Schapiro

Since it's in litigation, it just wouldn't be appropriate to talk about it.

Jeff Hanna

Out of respect to Betty we couldn't think of a more appropriate name.

Jay Andrews

And will make an announcement at the appropriate time.

William Holland

Examine all options and take action at an appropriate time.

Jaswant Singh

They've essentially done about half of what we believed was appropriate.

Tony Marshall

At the appropriate time.

Alvaro De Soto

We were pleased by the ruling but that also reaffirms to us that practices we have in place are appropriate.

Debbie Morgan

It just seemed appropriate that I got it back on this day.

Louise Hall

They told us there were no 'appropriate' beds for someone with Alzheimer's.

Grace Richards

At some point in the appropriate time this license will be issued.

Ralph Saltsman

We will follow the appeal process and consider the appropriate forums for that appeal process.

Graham Shear

It's a year-to-year thing. And this year we decided no increase was appropriate.

Randy Lerner

This is one of the very many ideas that's out there and warrants appropriate consideration.

George Smitherman

I think the charges are appropriate for what his involvement was in the accident.

Marcus Dudley

The Court of Appeals is more appropriate from a mechanical standpoint.

Bob Herbold

Probably the most appropriate currency policy for China.

Andy Xie

We did not have the appropriate balance that our client expects from us.

Ann Taylor

The only appropriate remedy.

Mary Bono

I thought it was appropriate, ... I thought it was the least we could do for him.

James Daugherty

The appropriate course of action ... and corrective action will be taken.

Jason Kamiya

An appropriate response, ... might be to acknowledge the mistake and say, 'Let's move on.'

Marjorie Brody

We set out to find whether these cells would be able to respond to the injury in an appropriate and beneficial way on their own.

Brian Cummings

The size and mass of this structure is not appropriate for the block.

Erica Taylor

Those matters will be announced at an appropriate time. We can't reveal anything now.

Zolani Mkiva