We have a cooperative victim in this particular proceeding.

It's natural ... why don't you do the same?

In Jackson's private world, instead of cookies and milk, he substituted wine, vodka and bourbon.

This was a rather standard procedure for the defendant to buy gifts and to do things for the mothers in those cases to keep them preoccupied so the defendant would have free rein with the child involved.

Both necessary and appropriate in the circumstances.

Get over here and get checked in.

It is a serious case, it deserves serious discretion to be used, ... The sheriff and I have committed we're going to handle it like any other case to the extent we can. No special treatment one way or the other, and that's the way we view it.

Our investigators were aware of the contents of the memo prior to seeking the search warrants and arrest warrant for Mr. Jackson.

The defendant's world was rocked.