These stamps, with their colourful and action-packed designs, are sure to appeal to young Canadians, ... In this, the International Year of Sport and Physical Education, I hope that these stamps will encourage kids to look at the benefits of being involved with sports and with stamp collecting.

(I) am grateful to David Dingwall for the great job he did, not only financially, but it's also clear he strengthened the morale and the pride of the organization.

An activist acting minister.

We rearrange the tables, put out some posters. It takes some effort, but the bakery totally morphs into a different store.

There are many pressing issues in this file and the prime minister has told me I have all the decision-making powers and freedoms of a regular minister and so to that end I will be as soon as possible visiting with my provincial counterparts and also with the stakeholders.

The government has come to the conclusion that that is the appropriate amount that he should receive.

This is not unusual. The details of this are being worked out -- no decision has been made. All I can say is that anything he might receive in that regard is standard for a person in his situation.

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of Canada's program of universal polio vaccination, we are indeed recognizing an important milestone in Canadian history, ... Although many of our memories associated with polio are somber, this stamp is a celebration of the fact that polio is indeed just a memory in Canada .

I think that's reflected in the comment of the union leader who said Mr. Dingwall was worth every penny he got. So he clearly did a very good job at the mint.