I like to say two o'clock is my favorite class. But sometimes I'm tired. I thought I would be in shape in two weeks. I rushed it and had foot problems. Now I'm about 75 percent.

[6:00-10:00 (game nights): Nia's in the stands with her nanny (or Jermain if he's in town).] I like to see Nia and Jermain before the game starts, ... I like to know they are there and safe. I'm a mom. I worry.

Once she begins to grunt, it's time to get up. He's pretty good.

We're currently investigating, trying to determine the cause.

The only times it [a coal ash spill] has happened you've been aware of it.

It's not any easier today than it was last year. It's been very hard, especially at work, not hearing her voice on the other end of the radio.

I still drive by the accident site. There's still flowers and balloons. People still stop by and say a prayer, wishing she was still with us.

The size and mass of this structure is not appropriate for the block.