George Meyer
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"George A. Meyer" (born 1956) is an United States/American Television producer/producer and writer. Raised in Tucson, Meyer attended Harvard University. There, after becoming president of the Harvard Lampoon, he graduated in 1978 with a degree in biochemistry. Abandoning plans to attend medical school, Meyer attempted to make money through dog racing but failed after two months. After a series of short-term jobs he was hired in 1981 by David Letterman, on the advice of two of Meyer's Harvard Lampoon cowriters, to join the writing team of his show Late Night with David Letterman.

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Sometimes ignoring is the appropriate response.

We are a 24-hour department. If you see something amiss, report it immediately. Timing is very important.

IT'S A CORE GROUP OF KIDS and one or two adults.

We're not trying to make great athletes. We're trying to make great people.

Seven cases of criminal mischief, ranging from water damage to the interior of a building (significant damage) to a street sign being left on someone's lawn.

This is a whole different kind of program. They interact with teachers quicker and interact with the kids.