"Carla Kelly", or "Carla Sue Kelly" (born 1947) is a popular and acclaimed writer in the Regency romance genre. She is the author of over forty books and short stories. Her books are "keepers" and accordingly hard to find. Renowned for what she calls "dukeless" regencies, her stories often revolve around ordinary people solving their own problems. However, her regencies only reflect a part of her writing interests. She has a strong interest in the American West which is reflected in her earliest published works and in her non-fiction.

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We went about 10 or 12 miles the last time. Before that, the most he's done is about four.

I've got the music going really loud, especially when I've got that last five minutes of working out and I just really need to crank it up a little bit.

I was even left in charge of the center for eight months until they brought Susan on board. I'd say that was a matter of trust for them to allow me to be in that position. I just don't understand this.

Some dogs take longer to mature. They're kind of freaked out by their first experience. You need to have patience and give them another chance. But some people aren't patient. They'll hook up dogs, take them out and if they don't perform the way they want them to in the first or the second run, they're done with them. They'll just get another dog.

It's with me when I work out, all the time. It helps motivate me a lot.

I don't think that would be all that appropriate. But, my heart will be there with them.

I would like the opportunity to discuss what happened with the board. I have called Chuck Hunter, who is chairman of the board, but he's never called me back.