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I am not bound to please thee with my answers.

William Shakespeare

Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers.


We're expecting some answers back in the weeks and months ahead.

David Sommers

We're trying to focus on them and see if we can come up with some answers.

Tom Scheben

It creates an unworkable situation … with more questions than answers.

Brian Welch

There are as many answers to that question as people you ask it to.

Blair Westlake

As long as one keeps searching, the answers come.

Joan Baez

I just want some answers.

Mary Marion

We got him on the stand, we got some answers out of him.

Sam George

This film is all about questions and gracefully not about answers. This film steers away from that.

Tilda Swinton

It's an amazing new tool for people who have a need to connect with people who have answers.

Bill Morse

Giving half answers won't make the conversation half as long.

Dave Johnson

We think that there should be one investigation that answers all of the questions.

Michael Cole

What we need now are answers, not theories.

Tom Lindsay

To make a judgment, we need the answers.

Michael Woods

The answers you get from literature depend on the questions you pose.

Margaret Atwood

People can and do come to us for the straight answers.

Ray Mcgovern

There are many questions, but no answers.

Darrell Fraser

You don't show up with answers, you show up with ears and listen.

Howard King

All you make me want to do by your answers is know more about what the hell you do.

Christopher Shays

An interview is all about your answers to the company's questions.

Brenda Greene

A diploma only proves that you know how to look up answers.

Solomon Short

It wasn't that we didn't know the major answers.

Rod Barton

The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.

Nancy Newhall

The trouble with life isn't that there is no answer, it's that there are so many answers.

Ruth Benedict

We get all kinds of personal answers that explain why they can't be fair.

Ann Hill

If I have questions they don't have the answers for, they research it and get back to me.

Veronica Stewart

They want some clarity. We just don't have answers for them.

Ted Ludwig

The future of search is finding answers, not links.

Michael Brady

She answers any question you ask. Not everybody is like that.

Travis Wolfe

I don't have all of the answers of why the city wants to shut it down.

Walter Turnbull

Arthur would ask me very direct questions, and he expected very direct answers.

Richard Donovan

I'm still looking for answers, ... and still wondering why.

Larry Rodriguez

The reason I'm here today is to get some answers.

Ann Merideth

I think only Anthony Zappa knows the answers to that.

Larry Holmquist

I call out to him, 'Fester, my love,' and he answers me.

Cheryl Peyerk

Advocacy is calling for action. Aggressive reporting is calling for answers.

Matthew Felling

I hope he will be here, and I hope he answers questions about the illegal betting.

Rene Fasel

I don't know how many truthful answers we got.

Patricia Palmer

Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.

Tony Robbins

It wasn't that we didn't know the major answers, ... Are there WMD in the country? We knew the answers.

Rod Barton

We had no answers for Horan, Sheets and Graves.

Jimmy Collins

When temptation knocks, imagination usually answers.

Dan Bennett

Hypothetical questions get hypothetical answers.

Joan Baez

Republicans owe the American people answers as to where they really stand.

Luis Miranda

Maybe there were some answers, but they were not in the files.

Bruce Myers

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.

James Thurber

The really fun part of it is discovering actual answers about what solar composition is.

Don Burnett

I couldn't find any help so I started looking for answers.

John Gorman

They want to have answers. This is a difficult one.

Henry Lee

All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers is contained in the dog.

Franz Kafka

The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions.

Susan Sontag

Sometimes we sit without any quick answers.

John Coleman

There were no good answers.

Gary Fox

Questions are fiction, and answers are anything from more fiction to science-fiction.

Saul Steinberg

I thought, 'I'm the expert, I've got to have some answers,' ... 'How am I going to solve this?'

John Short

A lot of answers we don't have tonight. We'll be working throughout the night and tomorrow to try to find out.

Stephen Mccausland

The answers to the questions of 1979-80 were very different than what we are expecting in the months to come.

Byron Callan

We're not afraid to ask the hard questions and get the easy answers.

Peter Slutsky

There are definitely answers only the cab driver can give us.

Stephan Sirard

Had some questions, we tried to give some answers... it was not negotiations.

Marc Grossman

It answers who did it and possibly why they did it, and to that extent, there is closure.

Paul Heath

It's a bad time for me right now. I don't have answers.

Orlando Hernandez

You never have to know all the answers because you won't be asked all the questions.

Herbert Prochnow

If you don't get satisfactory answers, don't do business with that person.

Catherine England

I really liked the fact that it had definite answers.

Lisa Randall

We have many more questions than answers right now.

Thomas Insel

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

Dr. Seuss

Yesterday's answers has nothing to do with today's questions.

Dave Mustaine

Terrible, just terrible. I have no answers.

Santino Quaranta

More questions than answers.

Alexander Yakovenko

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

Pablo Picasso

But not all the answers we expected from them.

Claudio Fava

Sometimes we do a thing in order to find out the reason for it. Sometimes our actions are questions not answers.

John le Carre

Whenever you have someone die, whether it's a car accident or natural causes or 9/11, you need to have answers. We don't have them.

Mindy Kleinberg

She's from Ohio. This all new stuff for her. I had to answer a lot of questions I didn't know the answers to.

Rex Hadnot

The conundrum we are in is there are no clear answers as to a cause and effect.

Meg Graham

I would say they also raise more questions than answers.

Dr George Daley

You can't get it from me. I don't know where you go to get answers.

Jim Keith

I think by the middle of the week, she had better have some good answers.

Brian Gibson

I think there are a lot more questions than answers here.

Bob Sutor

Little things didn't match up. There were hesitations in some of their answers and it caused us to dig.

Scott Cameron

We want to know how much we can get, when we can get it, how we have to get it -- a lot of questions. (We) just want some answers.

Charlie Evans

Satisfied fully with respect to the answers about price.

Robert Ehrlich

We don't have the answers yet.

Vickie Middlebrooks

No one ever gave us any answers as to why he had the stroke.

Michele Jackson

Now we get some answers.

Lee Corso

I'm gonna screw you up if you keep on with your sarcastic answers!!!

Richard Groover, Iii

All you have to do is know where you're going. The answers will come to you of their own accord.

Earl Nightingale

It answers questions that parents would be asking me.

Earl Holmes