Under those circumstances a further cut in supply is going to lead to a significant price escalation.

You have an obligation to yourself and your family to haul ass and get out of here, and I'm telling you to get out now.

However, they only give us two hours because they have ... a limit, so in that two hours we're going to conduct some study, examination of the cabin, hopefully to look at the [lifeboat] canopy, see any original furniture, material still there and try to conduct a couple of experiments.

They want to have answers. This is a difficult one.

It's vertical, low-velocity drops. Where they came from I have no idea.

Once I've done a crime, I just forget it. I go from crime to crime.

The reason why I choose stones as the raw material for my art is the unique texture of the earthly creations burnished after tens of thousands of years. They are nature's most refined works. And my job is to feel and bring out the life of this natural work of art.

The first two Kingdom Under Fire series were about the cross-over between action and real-time strategy challenging gamers to combine the skills of both hand and mind, ... With this latest installment of the Kingdom Under Fire franchise for Xbox 360, we're planning to deliver the most overwhelming action role-playing game experience you just have to play it for yourself to believe.

I cannot determine exact time of struggle, but not a very short one. Mr. Goldman did fight, put up a big fight.