We do know he had some ongoing health problems. We are leaning heavily toward health problems as the reason where he was found. ... At the moment, we do not feel that anyone else is involved but obviously we want his side of the story.

Troopers immediately suspected alcohol as the cause of crash.

This investigation has produced no evidence that supports a conclusion that the arsenic was introduced into the brewed coffee accidentally.

Lewiston-Auburn has probably been the area that's been hit the hardest by bank robberies.

I think a few of them were back there today as well. At this point we are still trying to determine what his medical emergency was ... or whether there were other factors.

This was domestic violence, which can occur at any age.

Those are things we're looking into.

We haven't had an inmate death in Maine involving another inmate in years, 1990 was the last one.

A lot of answers we don't have tonight. We'll be working throughout the night and tomorrow to try to find out.