Here are two good-looking guys who are American, don't speak French, and one of them served in Iraq. They've been all over the news in the last 24 hours and no driver has come forward. It doesn't sound right.

Yeah they are young, they like to drink, but they are not party animals. They're not the type of people who would put themselves in danger -- especially Mark who served in Iraq.

The family and I feel very strongly that we can't wait to take the stand to talk about the negligent attitude of the (Montreal) police.

Mark was doing this for money to pay for college.

There's nobody who could have took him out unless they had a weapon.

There are definitely answers only the cab driver can give us.

He loves it. He was like this kid in a candy store.

I don't think I would release it if they were murdered, but they weren't murdered.

We feel good about it because at least something good will come of it.