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Everybody should have access to this process.

Judy Meyer

It was a request for access over our land and we said no.

Tom Morrissey

I got a window just to peek into a world I never had access to.

Carmen Wurgel

Access to treatment depends on access to information.

Ken Duckworth

We can't afford incompatible standards or roadblocks to access.

Janice Vandenbrink

We proved we could get access to the bottom of the vehicle.

Cindy Begley

There are many people who don't have access to the free medicine.

Hu Jia

We have lots of services. Though we continue to work on access to them.

Brenda Harvey

We just wanted to make sure we can access it with our horses.

Louise Stark

If they don't access services when you're doing the count, they don't get counted.

Mary Savage

We're still disappointed that public access was never given.

Frank Deaner

A customer has to have the access to a certain baseline of service.

Jeffrey Citron

The terrain is mountainous and difficult to access.

Val Charlton

These companies are too big for dial-up, but too small for dedicated access.

Grant Smith

We can save a lot of money by eliminating that dual access.

Lance Hedquist

They access us through word of mouth and we set them on a career pathway.

Robert Yarris

Before they wouldn't have access to these stories and now they do.

Randy Widera

Taxpayers are paying for the schools, and the kids should have access.

Robert Houser

It allows access, ... It allows people to see the history of the city.

John Guthrie

It's about information, access and participation.

Rodney Martin

Access journalism has become the ends, not the means.

Todd Gitlin

Browsers are becoming the default way to access information.

Paul Saffo

In order to make that park viable, access in and out has to be easy.

Linda Cox

The average short-term access costs less than $20 per day.

Bill Haas

I don't think it's about access for Willacy County. I think it's about development.

Walt Kittelberger

The Internet lives where anyone can access it.

Vint Cerf

On that day, our channel stopped and became an all-access news channel.

Gideon Yago

It's an easy way for an investor to get access to international markets.

Mike Crinieri

Everybody in the world should have comprehensive access to all the literature.

Michael Eisen

I have a real problem with the access.

Richard Gardner

We've been given access to three.

Astrid Van Genderen Stort

Access to people who aren't looking for a job is something you don't get with job boards.

Jason Goldberg

We have exclusive access to Alexis as he goes through the process.

David Arquette

It doesn't eliminate access. What it eliminates is some level of convenience.

Susie Wiles

The toys are there. Everyone has access to the same technology.

James Glassman

Public access to public land is the focal point.

Ron Moody

It's not about access today.

Yvette Jones

Direct Access is running out of his skin.

Tony Dobbin

Must have had access to trailers.

James Mcintyre

We have direct access to her so, if she has any questions for us we are available night or day.

Nina Rioja

Voice is 10 times that of the access business.

Steve Howe

Cannot take access to the U.S. market for granted.

Robert Zoellick

They flashed their badges and said they needed access to the papers.

Mark Feldstein

The potential is obviously great with the access to the freeway.

Tom Fisher

The absence of access is seriously prejudicing Microsoft's right of defense.

Ian Forrester

It seems foolish, to me, to not want to have access to this information.

Larry Gamache

We looked at every vacant site the state could access.

Stephanie Aveiro

It's an easy way to access [your money] without going to another institution.

Michael Reed

We have to make sure that the people in this circumstance have some access.

Steve Burgess

It's really about equal and fair access to tool use.

Alan Evans

Access to health insurance has a tremendous payoff.

Randy Dunn

The problem here is easy access to a firearm. Here is someone who never should have had a gun that had a gun.

Phil Cline

At the moment, we cannot gain access to 90 percent of the demand.

Bob Moran

We have had great access. When a home run is hit, we're right there at home plate.

Tim Scanlan

The G20 proposal on market access goes too far.

Celso Amorim

If someone pays for a license, they will get access to the source code.

Brad Smith

That didn't deter me from wanting to listen to it or to have access to it.

Deena Burnett

Given their problem with the Palm OS and Access, they have to do something. It would be better if they could do something more quickly. But it's a win for Palm and for RIM.

Avi Greengart

It's a good location but has terrible access.

Charles Freeman

IT managers will have access to the key for any message.

Richard Bliss

The most important thing is to make sure people have access to broadband.

Charles Golvin

Our goal is providing better access to the public and students.

Tom Garey

The traditional PC is far more than what is required to gain access to the Internet.

Jerry Meerkatz

If their doctor thinks they should try this, we should give them legal access.

Jenni Gaffney

We've gotten very, very strict on access to our terminals.

Patrick Rainey

Access has been horrible and we continue to have that issue before us.

Lloyd Coker

Unfettered access is an unreasonable request.

Jack Finn

Clearly access to the facility will be tightened.

Richard Grasso

I don't think it's all about WAP. WAP is a piece of access technology.

Don Listwin

Without the port access road, we won't have port expansion.

Byron Miller

Most likely, in the future there will be more retail access, even though one doesn't need them.

Ivo Welch

We don't use the money for Internet access.

Annie Norman

Those with legitimate access is where the real problem lies.

Gerry Egan

It's imperative that communities have this kind of access to markets.

Bryan Derreberry

Access to information is really not available to folks.

Janette Brimmer

The direction should be to simplify the access device.

Kiran Karnik

All the treatments assumed you had access to heat.

Bob Collins

After all, they are benefiting enormously from the access that they have to other markets.

Peter Allgeier

That access is owned by the public. It shouldn't be blocked.

Camden Smith

People need to be able to access information about their government.

Ryan Mckee

That's the one bit of tooth the public access counselor has.

Ryan Nees

We don't have access to the water, but close to it.

Sue M. Campbell

It's really making things difficult. Access is extremely difficult in some areas.

Rick Christman

His staff is unhappy ... they don't have access to park.

David Morton

When he said that [the students] 'may' have access to pornographic materials.

Laurie Taylor

Every time the door opened we could see them in there, but we had no access.

Claudia Vercellotti

Information access is all-important.

Jack Cole

I couldn't ask for better access to transportation.

Elecia Hackley

When you have an opt-in approach, it can make it harder for kids to access sex education.

Elizabeth Nash

The waiting lists are not acceptable. We would like to give better access.

Elaine Mcfadden

Up until now, people had very little access to see Academy short nominations before the Academy ceremony.

Eamonn Bowles

This has to do with easy access to credit as much as anything else.

Zachary Karabell