Ron Moody
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"Ron Moody" is a United Kingdom/British actor, best known for his Golden Globe-winning and Academy Award/Oscar-nominated performance as Fagin in Oliver! (film)/Oliver! and (mainly to younger audiences) as the legendary wizard Merlin in Disney's A Kid in King Arthur's Court.

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But people can register at the door until the room fills up.

We try to create this type of atmosphere. When they succeed, they become known as an academic school instead of an athletic school.

There are literally hundreds ... of legitimate public right of ways closed to public use.

Public access to public land is the focal point.

He was such a professional. ... He was always word perfect.

We've lost a great artist and I've lost a great friend. We were more like Laurel and Hardy. We used to call ourselves Fagin and Dodger. We had that kind of bond between us. Jack really was cheated out of a great career.

We're a small group of grumpy old men who simply will not be denied access to public land.

Public access is now a hot political issue. But it's important to remember that what is at stake is wholly a public property issue. Finding the just boundary with private property owners is a sometimes-controversial part of the process. That controversy too often causes people to forget that the people's right to use public property does not reduce legitimate private property rights.