"Jack Thomas Finn" was a professional American football player who played running back for one season for the Frankford Yellow Jackets.

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Both were taken to Sunrise (Hospital) with some bruises and cuts. Both have been awake and alert the whole time.

(Ensign) has said all along he'll prepare for a topflight opponent and that's what he's doing. We have a good campaign team in place.

The goal is to get it to the president's desk today.

He's going to be looking after a program that has been fraught with delay, faulty science, mismanagement and misdirection.

We're glad to have them, but you can't build up your services based on temporary residents. You need to provide services, but you don't built up a long-term strategy serving the National Guard.

We are not dealing with anything but Judge Roberts and hurricane stuff.

Unfettered access is an unreasonable request.

Yucca Mountain is always big.

All we want to say is Sen. Ensign received a phone call from Sen. Reid and he accepted his apology.