In Latin America, price matters.

We had trouble during that first quarter. We had some decent shots that we didn't make. That has been our problem all year — we have a quarter somewhere in the game that always hurts us. But the kids didn't quit, showing a lot of character on their part, and they kept plugging away at it.

These companies are too big for dial-up, but too small for dedicated access.

We didn't quit and our effort was there to the end. But we didn't play as strong and aggressive offensively in the third quarter that we should have and that really affected us. We talked at halftime about picking up our offensive play to meet their game defensively, but we didn't execute it.

Miami is a geographical confluence of telecommunications and entrepreneurial forces that have huge impacts throughout Latin America. Our presence here will both propel and augment our research and consulting activities throughout Latin America.

Influence peddling is their forte.

We had a bad third quarter. We weren't able to get many shots, and that's a credit to Lemont's defense. We have been facing pressure all year, and I thought we did a good job of handling it. We had a lot of trouble in the half-court. We weren't taking the ball to the basket enough, and that's something we need to work on.

Free Internet access has created a new price reference point for dial-up service in Latin America. And that price point is zero.

We didn't handle it very well and we didn't get good possessions out of it. We threw the ball away.