Tim Scanlan
FameRank: 3

"Tim Scanlan" is a musician from Melbourne, Australia who performs as a one-man band. This multi-instrumentalist simultaneously plays a harmonica, a guitar and rattling shaker (left-handed), a bass drum or cajon with his right foot, and cymbals on a stand with his left foot while tapping his feet on a stomp box. He also sings occasionally. His unique style of music has been described as a blend of Blues, Jazz, Folk, Roots Music and Reggae.

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Certainly a team like the U.S. we know will have an impact on ratings and interest as well.

It really resonates with our fans. They can't see it enough.

We have had great access. When a home run is hit, we're right there at home plate.

That game in Orlando set the tone as far as the entire tournament. And San Juan was everything we thought it might be.

It's a true dead-center perspective.

I think that's part of the event.