The courthouse did command everyone's time among the staff. It took a little more time than what we wished for, but you could say the project was fatally flawed from the beginning. It took some time, but the mayor was able to work on other initiatives, and I think him pulling the plug on the project will have its place in history.

Well the fact that people are talking about it, the fact that people have an interest is a good thing. It shows people care about the future of downtown.

This is an idea that needs to be validated. It was never designed to be rolled out in final fashion. It's like a concept paper. It's not a finished product, just an idea. We didn't solicit buy-in because it was just an idea.

It doesn't eliminate access. What it eliminates is some level of convenience.

Where the boundaries aren't clear, we're delineating those. It's a clean-up and a house keeping exercise.

We felt that it was appropriate to use public funds to jumpstart the market on this type of housing. We do not feel, however, that it is necessarily the government's role to continue to do so. It is time for investors to step forward and help with these needs.

It was technology gone out of control.

It's not designed to change anything necessarily, but rather to clarify so that in the future we don't have any ambiguity in the code.

We are very oversubscribed to both Thursday and Friday of this series so I'm afraid we cannot accommodate you this week.