They look just like somebody?s messed-up hair.

We're extremely busy all the time. We've got six agents that work full-time doing these cases. They're on the road literally every day, in various parts of the state, conducting these investigations.

It allows access, ... It allows people to see the history of the city.

But I think everybody needs to be aware of the fact that we've got a substantial number of Ohioans living in nursing homes, and that each and every one of them could be subject to some sort of patient abuse or patient neglect incident.

All the suites are a little different. The suites on the 500 level have seats in the front and the 700 level is the most prized possession. There are only four suites on that level.

The Department of Health has a list of all the complaints that have been filed on a given nursing home, and that's public record. It's accessible to anyone that wants to look at it.

Before the Daytona 500 Club was built, [the Daytona Club] was the place to entertain for corporations and individuals. Now it's heavily driven by individuals who come back year after year after year. They like it because it's a great way to get away from the noise and the clutter. And the food is really good.

Our biggest obstacle this first year is to help folks understand what the duck race is, how they can win and what the money will be used for, ... We expect it will grow in size and acceptance in the coming years, but we do know that it will be a fun event for Zionsville families from this year forward.