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It's because we're so trapped in our culture, in the being of being human on this planet with the brains we have, and the same two arms and legs everybody has. We're so trapped that any way we could imagine to escape would be just another part of the trap. Anything we want, we're trained to want.

Chuck Palahniuk

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Steve Jobs

Once we settled down we were good value for the win. He got trapped on the wrong side of the ruck, and there was a pretty long queue to give him a kicking I suppose.

Paul Grayson

We're still getting calls from people who are trapped.

Dave Cohen

I feel badly that I didn't help our team enough down the stretch. I put Chucky in the corner, and he was set up to be trapped. It was my fault. I felt badly that I didn't help them out as well as I could.

Mike Fratello

The law enforcement officers in New Orleans and other areas started working when Hurricane Katrina was still out in the Gulf of Mexico. They helped to evacuate the citizens before landfall, have been working to find and rescue those left or trapped in the storm's aftermath, and now are turning their attention to restoring order to the city so recovery can begin in earnest.

Chuck Canterbury

It could easily get out of control. It's so easy for somebody to get trapped and disoriented.

Keith Marshall

The higher the stress, the more liquid the quicksand becomes, so movement by a trapped body causes it to sink in deeply.

Daniel Bonn

No-limit hold 'em shows so well on TV, and games with small buy-ins have helped no-limit hold 'em (thrive). The bad player doesn't get trapped for as much money as he would in a no-limit hold 'em game with a big buy-in.

Mason Malmuth

Doug ruled that the ball was trapped. And the replay shows there's definitely a change in direction. At best, it's inconclusive.

Rich Rieker

Mice come and they go. They may have been trapped and cleaned up. It would not be unusual to not catch one, the way they run. In order for me to identify a source, we would actually have to capture a mouse.

Don Shields

I didn't want people being trapped in Jefferson Parish without these services.

John Young

We are grateful to them and urge all Bangladeshis not to get trapped like us.

Ariful Islam

As long as we can continue to find voids under the pile, it means that there could be somebody still trapped in there, ... We've talked to our medical doctors and they believe that there still is a chance, if all the conditions are right, for somebody to survive this.

Bob Roper

Holiday hell is a cruise. Once you're on board, you're trapped!

Jack Higgins

Many of these families and individuals were paying taxes through fake Social Security numbers or tax identification numbers and, every year, they feel more and more trapped because of the legal provisions adopted.

Patricia Grogan

It could help assess whether there are people trapped alive in attics or upper floors, ... Once you've got them pinpointed you can send rescue teams in.

Curt Weldon

Rescuers are reaching people that are trapped and alive, and, unfortunately, they are also reaching some that are dead.

Jaroslaw Wojtasik

That fire just engulfed (their home), trapped them in there. It was fast, fast moving.

Don Rice

He misspoke during the hearing. I think he just felt trapped in his family situation. He deeply regrets what happened.

Jason Griggs