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To me, first of all, it's unique. It's totally unique to any area to have a live sign, and it is part of our history. History helps communities have a sense of togetherness, it's the glue.

Michele Clark

We had a great preseason. The guys responded with what coach (George Karl) wanted early on in pace of the game, togetherness and defensive intensity. We've improved in those areas with a couple of setbacks, but we've improved each game.

Scott Brooks

I got a lot of encouragement from the rest of the team, which helped to calm the nerves and that showed the togetherness we have as a team. We try to help each other on the field and it's nice to be part of that.

Monty Panesar

Children intrinsically understand that a home is not just the bricks and mortar that physically safeguard them, but the love, encouragement and togetherness they experience with their families within the walls of their homes.

Charlie Young

More than anything it would be togetherness, for everybody to come together and be more of a family than we were last year.

Dustin Keller

Togetherness. Just the fact that these guys have stuck together. They've stayed with each other for so long, they've learned what it takes to win over the years.

John Spurlock

Constant togetherness is fine - but only for Siamese twins.

Victoria Billings

I am elated because Oakland gets to have some new energy, some new perspective. I can just see the glee and the joy on the faces of everybody here, but more importantly, the togetherness.

Gary Ferguson

There is a belief and a togetherness in the squad. We've got a happy camp.

Carl Robinson

We have a very rich heritage here of togetherness and racial harmony. There are a lot of good things that can be said about the village of New Haven ... and I'm not about to forget about that and spit in the faces of the people that built this community.

George Drake

I think we'll be OK. The togetherness is apparent early on and our goals are simple: getting better each week, playing aggressively, staying together and not letting each other down.

Gregg Patner

Just having the team togetherness. Everybody has to be a part of it - every single guy. When we're together, we know we're all we have.

Josh Duncan

I don't know any coach that doesn't want intensity, enthusiasm and togetherness. And if we get those three things going, eventually we'll be pretty good.

Bob Burke

The main thing [we got] out of this game, it might sound silly, was a bit of togetherness.

Justin Langer