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When two trains are approaching one another on the same track, and the track must be switched, it doesn't get any more critical than that.

Peter Carides

We cannot delay and cannot count on a strictly voluntary approach.

Ruth Shaw

It's kind of a novel approach.

Tim Shea

It?s really the systematic approach that?s been taken.

Lewis Wade

I'm pushing for having them on the same day as the most efficient approach.

Allen Blakemore

The biggest thing for me is to try to maintain the same approach.

Matt Murton

Microsoft is now taking a viable approach, ... It's a more practical way to go about it.

Al Gillen

She said she was approaching forty, and I couldn't help wondering from what direction.

Bob Hope

I don't change my approach at all.

Tim Norton

It's a needle-in-the-haystack approach to law enforcement.

Donna Lieberman

We are approaching the end of a quite fantastic voyage.

Don Brownlee

Still sorting out the approach we want to take.

Tom Hardy

It's hard to discern a consistent approach.

David Berteau

We took a new approach.

Patrick Williams

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.

Tom Robbins

It is a populist approach to government that I see taking place here.

Dwayne Jones

And there's a strategic moment now to adopt a new approach.

Alex Neve

Carter's approach is to try to decide what was best for the nation.

Merle Black

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, because all businesses are not set up to run the same way.

Tom Eid

Our approach to shelters was phenomenally successful.

Frank Welch

They (those charged) were thinking about the front-end approach.

David Markowitz

That's the mentality we have ... and the approach that we're going to take.

Todd France

When winter starts to approach, I get nervous about my skin.

Christine Clifford

This is a very different approach for me. I like it.

Kyle Korver

It appeared the aircraft was not deviating from its course and was approaching downtown D.C..

Michael Lauer

It's a goal-oriented approach, not a pre-set curriculum approach.

Karen Mcgregor

We've always said that we were not going to have a cookie-cutter approach.

Condoleezza Rice

There is a fundamental difference even in the approach in addressing the issue.

Lodi Gyari

I was on the 17th hole getting ready to hit an approach shot.

Cam Neely

I realistically think we can win it all this year. But our mental approach has to be better.

Rich Sadvar

This is a younger approach to craft.

Karen Gilbert

That's somewhat how we've had to approach the season.

Tim Purpura

He said he had seen the horses before but was scared to approach them.

David Edmunds

More of it's the mental approach, because the mental approach dictates your mechanics.

Leo Mazzone

The Age of Northeast Asia is fast approaching.

Moo hyum Roh

The problem is we may not have time for (the two question) approach.

Chris Morrison

I felt that after 10 years it was time for a fresh approach.

Graham Morris

He kept believing in his approach and kept his emotions in check.

Pete Hughes

That would not be normal. That would not be the way I'd approach the door.

Michael Pagnotta

He's brought a real positive approach.

Brad Merriman

Samari's approach was a lot different.

Andrew Bennett

I would say the number of women approaching us has more than doubled.

Louise Brown

I usually approach things with the idea that I will take something out of everything I do.

Heather Armstrong

We have a different approach in our longevity goals.

Jermaine Williams

We felt like it was the appropriate approach for that campaign.

Rodney Knox

I think it could work. It may be a very good approach.

Mark Baker

Michael Jackson is an inspiration and we are approaching him.

Louis Walsh

Winter is fast approaching and it is getting really, really cold out there.

Simon Gray

The pace of this growth will slow down, but probably not until we approach 2008.

Joe Barker

We all agree that Thailand is approaching a crisis.

Pratya Vesarach

She wasn't sure how to approach me about something.

Irene Boffo

They are unique in their approach.

Brian Babineau

There are different tastes, so there are different ways to approach this.

Frank Flores

I'm satisfied. I think it's a fair and reasonable approach.

Gary Kuhl

Bottom line: Do or die. No other way to approach it.

Cody Robbins

A monolithic type of approach would make it difficult to take one out and use another.

Shaun Connolly

The things you fear are undefeatable,Not by their nature, but by your approach.

Bonnie Jewell

The Phone.com approach lets you get all the way to your application server.

John Pescatore

We will never approach any game without being 100 percent committed.

Naka Drotske

Do you see anything wrong with it and is there any way we can begin to approach it?

Jose Serrano

That's a very different approach to what the CAW has done in the past.

Norman Solomon

There is no simplistic approach to worthwhile achievement in human affairs.

William Hastie

He's real quiet. You approach him and he talks to you. You see the kind of guy he is.

Jimmy Harrison

This is a patient- and family-centered approach.

Wendy Atkinson

This speaks volumes about Tyson's approach to bargaining.

Gil Mcgowan

Our approach last year was to get W's early to get the kids to buy in.

Don Cross

He's taking a populist approach.

Keith Henry

It's a very low-key approach for low-impact fishing.

Linda Roberts

It is a responsible and reasonable approach.

Michael Castle

Approach every film with the same enthusiasm, regardless of its budget.

Lou Diamond Phillips

His approach to filmmakers and serving his stories.

Willem Dafoe

We've got to be as global and sophisticated in our approach as the pirates and the counterfeiters are in their approach.

Chris Israel

Mr. Greenspun's approach is a Band-Aid, ... a Band-Aid in the wrong place.

Robert Ross

We wanted to take a fresher approach to the project.

Philip Bailey

The friendship is more important than the coaching, and we approach things in that aspect.

Mark Franke

This is the best approach for us in the Chinese market.

Daniel Rosensweig

Our approach is business oriented.

Gaster Kiyingi

There's been a approach and we are considering it.

Gareth Davies

They have an innovative approach to the airline business - profitability.

Juli Niemann

This is a completely different approach.

Richard Pombo

We don't think that, as proposed, this is a workable approach.

Katherine Andrus

Part of the discussion is to have a softer approach.

Chris Caballero

We're approaching 7,500 megawatts. So, we're in a sweet spot with wind and there's more we can do.

David Garman

I take the same aggressive approach in that role. It's another challenge.

Bobby Hill

Would probably be happy with that approach.

Richard Covey

I won't say they're all intolerant, ... Some of them are adopting our approach to cultural communities.

Pierre Pettigrew

They claim that they have a different approach to climate change.

Stavros Dimas

It's quite astonishing how backwards they are in their approach to security.

David Litchfield

I think that's the most reasonable approach when discussing all our programs.

Jamie Pollard

You've always got to come out with the same approach.

Brian Doellman

We have a very creative approach to our curriculum.

David Miliband

If you approach an opera as though it were something that always went a certain way, that's what you get. I approach an opera as though I didn't know it.

Sarah Caldwell

A lot of people approach risk as if it's the enemy when it's really fortune's accomplice.

Adam Hastings

We believe in a whole-school approach to ICT.

Adrian Wilson

There is a difference in the way we approach business today.

Cathy Emma

As they approach the light, it'll give them a green.

Larry Mclothlin

Those really get sticky, and we really approach those very carefully.

Gordon Parks

Interest has really picked up recently with the deadline approaching.

Mike Rattray

They have to approach us about it, if they will use as a corporation, individual or bank.

Lucio Tan

I'm not attacking the substance, I'm attacking the approach. It's got some good language in it, but it's not his job to do this.

Frank Puente

Peace is the right approach. War is the wrong approach.

John Tinker

We have a 15-year band-aid approach – albeit a very expensive band-aid approach.

Gerry Reid

Andy always seems to have the right approach, most of the time, and allows Opie to make his own choices, which God does for us.

Marian Albright

Here we are approaching the end of July and already resources are thin.

Amy Teegarden

Texas' own view is this approach is meeting their needs.

Mark Mcclellan

It's our spring training. That's the best way we can approach it.

Rich Maloney

We're just going to go in with the same approach we've had all year.

Larry Day

The department is taking a cautious approach on this.

Connie Patterson

They don't approach it like a lifestyle. It's like a sport.

Jason Stuckey

I will help you to approach if you approach, and to keep away if you keep away.

Antonio Porchia

This contract required a creative approach from our standpoint as well as the agent's standpoint.

Rod Graves

It's a dual approach.

Joe Galante

We researched the issue about the best way to approach it.

James Jimenez

I pretty much approach every season never thinking about what I accomplished the year before.

Jerry Rice

It has to be a gradual approach to be effective.

Kathy Knutzen

The amount of residential property is rapidly approaching the end.

William Davidson

I think the LEPC has to be more aggressive and change our attitude in how we approach what we do.

Tom Robertson

That is right on the approach and departure corridor for the range.

Mike Estrada

Sensitive approach and generally happens through agents and managers.

Michael Hirschorn

You may have missed your window because now she's with a guy. But go and approach her anyway. It's a two set.

Neil Strauss

It's a pretty broad-based approach and it addresses a lot of things.

Sen. Brandon Bell

Tomorrow we've got to show up with the same attitude, with the same desire and with the same approach we did today.

Luis Rivera

I had to get a different approach. What I was doing mentally wasn't working.

Eric Duncan

If this government takes a casual approach on this one, you will be answerable for abuse of office.

Enoch Kavindele

This will be more of a regional approach rather than the individual approach we had up north.

Elissa Marsden

When you have an opt-in approach, it can make it harder for kids to access sex education.

Elizabeth Nash

The government's approach is more active.

Zhong Nanshan