This won't guarantee reimbursement, but it will help us to what we have always tried to do, which is to be in the best position possible when the moratorium is lifted.

This is great news for Norwood. We have spent nearly two years doing our own needs assessment, so we are going to be one of the first communities to get the MSBA actively involved in our design process.

The problem is we may not have time for (the two question) approach.

The bottom line is I would expect some form of debt exclusion question to appear on next April's ballot, either to cover the design costs or the whole thing, ... We cannot obtain state approval and the funding that comes with it without a commitment from the voters.

You hope to play up to the level you're playing against and we hope we can do that.

These are broad-brush concepts right now.

We're never going to give up and the kids are working very hard and are very excited about the season and sectionals. We're going to be in a tough draw, but we have to start somewhere.

Who knows? You don't know who you might draw.