Alex Neve
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"Robert Alexander Neve", Order of Canada/OC is a Canada/Canadian human rights activist and the secretary general of Amnesty International Canada.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, the son of Robert Rex Neve and Jean Elizabeth Taylor, Neve received a bachelor of commerce degree in 1984 and a bachelor of laws degree in 1987 from Dalhousie University. A few years later, he went to England to study international human rights law, receiving a master of law degree from the University of Essex in 1991. He is married to Patricia Goyeche and they have three children.

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And there's a strategic moment now to adopt a new approach.

Canada needs to take the human rights engagement with China to a concrete level and move beyond some of the very vague, general, easy platitudes we've heard in the past.

Canadian citizens should not be left beyond the reach of law.

The past record of standing back and allowing trade and investment to easily trump the human rights concerns can't stand.

The evidence raises all sorts of troubling questions, ... The concern is, do we have a Canadian version of the notorious American practice of extraordinary rendition?

The company's strategy of pushing for more market share with low-cost and affordable handsets has opened up new opportunities for it.

The coming days offer a critical chance to take a bold new step forward by raising these issues with confidence and without apology and asking for some concrete and time-bound human rights commitments in return.

The outlook for technology stocks is becoming increasingly positive. Hewlett-Packard released some good numbers and it looks like this is becoming a very good quarter for Dell.

The human rights situation in China is suddenly going to turn around overnight...but it will be an important contribution to the kind of change we all want to see.