The thing about the Super 14 is that there are no easy games and any team can win at some stage, so we are not taking the Reds lightly.

We looked at the tape of the game and there are a few decisions that bothered us a bit but we don't want to be negative, the results are in and we must look forward and learn.

We will never approach any game without being 100 percent committed.

Against them it is fatal if you give away turnovers. We have looked at their games and they score 80 percent of their tries from turnovers. It is simply a matter of making sure you don't give them any turnovers and that you look after the ball for the entire game.

We are very realistic about the task at hand and know it is going to take a special effort. They are unbeaten at home for the past two years, so we know we have a huge mountain to climb. But we believe we can come away with a win.