David Miliband
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"David Wright Miliband" is a former British people/British Labour Party (UK)/Labour Party politician who was the Member of Parliament (United Kingdom)/Member of Parliament (MP) for South Shields (UK Parliament constituency)/South Shields from United Kingdom general election, 2001/2001 to South Shields by-election, 2013/2013, and was the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 2007 to 2010. He and his brother, the current Leader of the Labour Party (UK)/Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband, were the first siblings to sit in the UK Cabinet/Cabinet simultaneously since Edward Stanley, Lord Stanley (1894–1938)/Edward, Lord Stanley, and Oliver Stanley in 1938.

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The love and commitment that they've had to each other is deep and the anguish that they must be going through is dreadful.

Understanding the needs of people is the first step towards victory. People need to see we have the right vision, values and policies. But the bottom line is that to stay in power we have to release power. We know that the new enemy is a sense of powerlessness.

We do not believe that revaluation will take place in this Parliament. Preparatory work for a revaluation in 2007 is being stood down, but the Valuation Office Agency's good work will provide a firm foundation on which to build in future.

We have a very creative approach to our curriculum.

Christopher Meyer, I think I am right in saying, is an expert on foreign policy. He is not an expert on the domestic issues that are going on inside communities in this country.