"Rod Graves" is the Senior Director of Football Administration of the New York Jets. He is best known for his time as General manager (American football)/General Manager of the Arizona Cardinals. He had previously spent time with the organization as Vice President of Football Operations, after being promoted to that position from Assistant to the President following the 2002 Arizona Cardinals season/2002 season.

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Since becoming aware of the situation at NAU, we've spent a considerable amount of time in discussions with the University officials, outside health professionals and our own medical personnel to determine the best course of action, ... The overwhelming concern obviously was the health and well-being of our football team.

This contract took on challenges that in many ways we have never faced before.

There is a mutual interest in continuing our relationship. We'd like to have him back.

When you look at so many positive things that have gone on here the past several years, to me, it's hard to deny the fact this organization is making strides in a positive way.

[At one point in Wednesday's news conference at the Arizona Biltmore Resort, site of this week's NFL annual meeting, Cardinals vice president Rod Graves even was asked if any part of Smith's contract was tied to ticket sales.] There is nothing in this particular contract about that, ... Thank goodness.

Anybody that's watched this organization over the last two or three years would have to say we're doing things in a different way.

Basically it was a structure that we had to have in order to accommodate all we were trying to accomplish with this deal.

To not prepare for (injuries) is like going into a game not thinking about special teams. You know that at some point, you are going to be confronted with it, so youd better be ready.

This contract required a creative approach from our standpoint as well as the agent's standpoint.