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REALLY, adv. Apparently.

Ambrose Bierce

This is an act of terrorism and apparently the KFC was the target.

Manzoor Mughal

Sympathy is something that shouldn't be bestowed upon the Yankees. Apparently it angers them.

Bob Feller

Dear Kim. Apparently you want to be a cartoonist. Stay with it.

Chester Gould

He apparently told (a passenger) ?I?ll throw you off this bus,?

Peter Jacobson

Apparently something was in there, still marinating in his brain. It's a strange one.

Drew Outhouse

Its apparently individuals selling or trading the cards.

Ken Hammond

Tom has an interest in us - apparently he does - and of course, he used to live here.

Nelson Wolff

We've spoken to them and apparently their house wasn't too badly hit.

Raymond Jones

Apparently we didn't win enough games.

Joe Hillock

We have a feeling there's a tidal wave on the way. Apparently we are not the only ones who feel that way.

Ann Hartman

He apparently felt safe enough here to not go to Canada.

Wendell Lauth

Naomi was booked and then got booked again, apparently at some precinct in New York.

Alan Thicke

We don't really know what the aerospace problem is, ... Apparently they've had some delivery problems, but exactly what we don't know.

Paul Nisbet

One apparently even had a shed built on the property with a driveway to it.

David Knight

Schwarzenegger has a lot of muscles, but apparently not much heart.

Julien Dray

But they apparently took offense to it.

Gail Tierney

It's not my day apparently.

Jim Voss

Apparently said some ugly things to my client. And my client said, 'I think that's unprofessional.'

Joseph Bruno

It should have remained joined but was apparently not joined and was broken away.

Michael Slattery

There really has not been enough time to make the case, apparently.

Kristina Hill

This is apparently protectionist activity.

Chong Quan

This apparently agitated him to the point where he squeezed off a couple of rounds.

Jim Solomons

Apparently, there's been lots of calls about that.

Robert Hathaway

Apparently that's the time to play. If we play as well as we did today, I'll play all of them starting at 10:35.

Don Buford

This is apparently a neighborhood feud. This is not the Ku Klux Klan.

Judy Orihuela

She was apparently badly in need of money.

Dean Boyd

Apparently I'm the 'eye-candy' of TNG, which at my age I find quite a compliment.

Marina Sirtis

He is apparently in critical condition in hospital.

Maria Cheng

Apparently what he said was true.

Mark Fulghum

The ABC's position is apparently that the township council's action doesn't count.

Scott Silver

I noticed nothing was tampered with. All my gas was apparently there from the night before.

Ryan Baker

He apparently was standing beside his car when he was struck by another car.

Mark York

Wal-Mart apparently thinks it is above the law.

Sam Perkins

There are apparently tapes of the meeting, but the question is who did what and who intended to do what.

Ed Garland