Nelson Wolff
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"Nelson William Wolff" (born 1940) is a San Antonio, Texas, USA political figure. He represented Bexar County, Texas/Bexar County as a United States Democratic Party/Democrat in the Texas House of Representatives from 1971 to 1973, and the Texas Senate from 1973 to 1975. He served on the San Antonio City Council as the representative of Council District 8 and then as mayor of San Antonio from 1991 to 1995 and currently serves as Bexar County, Texas/Bexar Texas state government#County government/County Judge. Wolff was initially appointed to this position in 2001 to succeed Cyndi Taylor Krier, a Republican Party (United States)/Republican, who resigned to accept an appointment as a regent of the University of Texas System. Wolff has since been elected to this position three times. In January 2012, he announced he would seek a fourth full term in 2014.

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Tom has an interest in us - apparently he does - and of course, he used to live here.

There are students not capable of getting through this system. It hasn't improved anything. It's (expletive deleted).

Everyone should call the president of the United States and tell him to stop giving all of these damn tests.

I've never seen a developer come in and be all over the map like this, ... I haven't seen so many deals from one group.

You may just want wait and see if there's any more (beyond Bailey's incarceration) that we don't know about.

If we do well and support them right, I think we will be considered for something down the road. Right now we just have to do a good job and see where it leads.

We played a quiet role, I think, ... as long as we've got the right leadership there.

The policy is confusing to the public, ... I think the policies ought to be the same for all precincts.

This is our time, our chance to step up and help New Orleans and help ourselves.