"Scott Silver" is an American screenwriter and film director.

Silver is best known for such films as Johns (film)/Johns, 8 Mile (film)/8 Mile and The Fighter (2010 film)/The Fighter, for which his nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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We haven't gotten any negative feedback. It's all positive; there's no downside to it. We see the results of husbandry training on a regular basis.

The current administration is fostering a sense of insecurity so the public is more willing to accept the excesses of this administration. We need to stop that.

Amongst the most important, visible and powerful proponents of public lands privatization are the Cato Institute, the Property and Environment Research Center (formerly known as Political Economy Research Center) and the Reason Institute. Koch funds have played a major role in the operation of each of these organizations.

Today, every one who cares about America's public lands should be fighting the privatization steps laid out in that 1997 document. If we do not do so today, we will soon enough be fighting to prevent the sale of our nation's crown jewels.

I believe it's gone back to the prior owner.

The ABC's position is apparently that the township council's action doesn't count.

Once they sell off what they are calling isolated bits and pieces, they will just dig deeper to sell off more. This administration is draining the Treasury, putting us into hock, so it can say with a straight face that we have no money and there is no other solution but to privatize.

Greg Walden is a rubber stamp for the Bush administration. I'm running because he isn't looking after the best interests of the people in this district.