Robert Hathaway
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"Robert Woodward "Bob" Hathaway" was jure uxoris Seigneur of Sark/seigneur of Sark from 1929 until his death. An American by birth, his rule spanned the reigns of four overlords: George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Elizabeth II.

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... it's not as cut and dried a thing, and I think New Delhi sometimes, fails to understand how widespread is American support, which runs across both parties, for the NPT.

It's traveling very, very fast. It can penetrate you pretty good.

The police out here are very easy to get along with, so it's surprising anyone's had a problem with them.

It seems inevitable that the army's reputation will suffer from this.

Apparently, there's been lots of calls about that.

If the president was smart he would take some Republicans and Democrats with him.

The man obviously has talents. He got himself elected twice as president and twice as governor.

We're going to be looking for fine marks that are left on the test projectile and evidence projectile.

We've assured the King family we will give it our best efforts to review the case and resolve it for their family.