Peter Jacobson
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"Peter S. Jacobson" is an American actor. He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Chris Taub/Dr. Chris Taub on the Fox Broadcasting Company/Fox medical drama series House (TV series)/House.

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The Board of Directors unanimously thanks David Hayes for his time and effort as a Director and as CFO. His expertise in early stage companies has proven to be very valuable to us in building a strong foundation toward achieving our expansion plans.

In [her] opinion, the information she has been provided by the Afghan authorities about the establishment of the [checking unit] will allow 'remaining doubts' about the identity of the applicants to be resolved.

We are extremely pleased to have Mr. Marra joining our team, especially with his wealth of experience in corporate finance. His experience in building global enterprises should help to strengthen our growth objectives.

He apparently told (a passenger) ?I?ll throw you off this bus,?

Ms Matthews's opinion is that the Australian Government will be able to exercise influence over the work of the [unit] because Australia has provided the funding for the project.

In the Deep South, states traditionally have not welcomed this kind of regulation. This suggests to me that all the tobacco control efforts made in the last two decades have permeated and changed the culture.