If you don't hold the company accountable, you're not really achieving much. In all our future cases, we hope to bring criminal charges.

It is exactly as specified in the indictment.

Clearly, when she began selling these on eBay to us, she knew it was illegal.

The BEST task force concept incorporates personnel from existing intelligence groups -- involved in both collection and analysis -- to help identify and disseminate information relating to violent smuggling organizations.

We know she was exporting sensitive technology with missile applications to Chinese government entities. A lot of our agents have invested quite a bit of time in this investigation.

We're pretty much hand-in-glove with Customs and Border Protection every day in this initiative.

She was apparently badly in need of money.

If we ignored this violation, you could have potentially 20 to 30 people standing out in front of the (FEMA) center, obstructing things. We've got a duty and a job under the law.

Clemson has been on him strong since the tenth grade. He probably will be a strong lean to Clemson.