We don't have enough information to make any kind of hypothesis.

Testing and monitoring of more than 300 close contacts failed to detect any further cases.

Spare one city's pride.

The response has been very fast and very transparent.

Our office in Beijing was informed of this today. It is in a province that hasn't identified human cases before but it is somebody who seems to have a history of exposure to poultry.

He is apparently in critical condition in hospital.

But this is a very short window of opportunity here. Because influenza spreads so rapidly we wouldn't be surprised to see this spread worldwide within a matter of weeks. . . . Once we start to see this in a larger area, across borders, then it will be very difficult to stop it.

We need more clarification because both apparently had been exposed to sick chickens.

We've seen images where quite clearly they are not protected properly. We see people with bare hands, their eyes, their nose and their mouth uncovered, where they are possibly breathing in virus.