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Its kind of comforting. Having supportive people who can help you achieve your goals is very important.

Joe Dyament

I have been very excited to attend meetings and to prepare for them. The people who are on the task force are, I believe, giving people ? and very supportive of helping the education we provide for our students.

Mary Pfeiffer

We have called for the closure of the US embassy and the severance of relations with the Americans because what is the use of relations when they have imposed economic siege on Sudan, denied its officials from visiting the US and is maintaining the Sudan in the countries it considers supportive of the international terrorism.

Fatahi Khalil

The biggest thing is 'thank you' to everybody in the county. The general public has been very supportive. Team work, that's been the key to the whole thing.

James Little

Our employees understand the need to adjust our planned production schedule, and the focus groups were very supportive. Their suggestions were used to develop the revised plan.

Dan Gaudette

He's been very supportive to me privately and encouraging on the football field, ... That's all I can take. I do believe he believes in me.

Trent Dilfer

They were so supportive and such a big part of our success at home. I get goose bumps thinking about running onto the field at the Georgia Dome.

Jim Mora

On a personal level, I'm very supportive of James Meeks. He's a fantastic guy.

James Macdonald

The community has been very supportive. It's much more than what I expected.

Kristi Schulmeister

We love our seniors. They're supportive and role models to everyone on the team. We look up to them and follow by their example and they lead us the best they know how. We're going to miss them.

Danielle Kamm

My parents have always been supportive of me, but they never pressured me to get good grades. I just felt like if I didn't get good grades I'd be letting myself down.

Neil Plank

I think it's the best decision he could have made. I'm very supportive.

Councilman Gary Okino

We have a U.S. economy that's growing better than most of its major counterparts, and an environment where interest rates are increasing, while the conjecture in Europe is whether to cut. All this is dollar supportive.

Thomas O'malley

As market participants are not ruling out the possibility that the US GDP ...may provide dollar-supportive evidence, they prefer to wait for the outcome.

Yasuhisa Ishida

The PTO has been extremely supportive. They have been very helpful. I couldn't be happier to have a group like them contributing so much to the school.

Bill Stenger

For us to be perceived as having a drug problem, it couldn't be further from the truth. There may be an individual that has certain problems, I don't know about that, but I do know we have one of the most sound and supportive drug policies.

Dave Bliss

These guys are just the best. The entire Watts family are very big supporters of this community. For any kind of charitable work - you come in and ask, and they immediately get out their checkbooks and write you a check. They are really supportive, and I just hope the community will come together and support them now.

Jeff Longnecker

People have been coming forth. It hasn't been where I've had to get on the phone (to ask for donations), and I appreciate that very much. I've just been blessed with a lot of good contributors who have been supportive in financing my re-election efforts.

Jerry Bach

The governor and the speaker have a good relationship, and the governor has been supportive of our efforts in the past.

John Mcgovern

We think it is a great plan and we're very supportive of the company and management and look forward to the execution of their program.

Bill Ackman